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​ Instructions for solicitation

Concept papers received until April 25, 2023
Proposal book receipt until
May 31, 2023

The content will be updated at any time, and the update time is 2023/03/08 21:40

2024 Call for Papers Briefing Session

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🎈 Purpose of solicitation:
In order to improve college students in specific fields to use artificial intelligence technology to solve problems in their respective fields, solicit professional teams in specific fields, collect data and obtain authorization, mark it, hold artificial intelligence competitions, and sort out the data after the competition, open Used in teaching and research from all walks of life.


🎈 Key points of solicitation: 

The themes of the competition are in various key fields (digital and information, information security, precision health, green electricity and renewable energy, bilingual countries, etc.), "smart machinery", "new agriculture", "Asia‧Silicon Valley", "green energy Five plus two industries such as science and technology, biomedical industry, national defense industry, and circular economy are given priority, and technology categories are given priority to "generative AI".
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Friends who are interested in various fields are welcome to submit papers!! 

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