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AI CUP 2023
MOE AI competition and labeled data acquisition project 

秋季賽 2023.9~12

螢幕快照 2023-08-24 11.08.39.png

Registration date : 2023/09/01~2023/11/20
Total bonus : $310,000(NTD)

Go strength imitation and Go style recognition competition

Registration date : to be continued 

Total bonus : $240,000(NTD)

Clinical Text Deidentification and Temporal Information Normalization Competition

春季賽 2023.3~6

Badminton Court

Registration date : 2023/03/01~2023/05/02
Total bonus : $250,000(NTD)

Badminton Match Video Annotation: Shot-By-Shot Data Collection

Mixer Keys

Multimodal Classification of Voice Pathology

Registration date : 2023/03/07~2023/05/10
Total bonus : $310,000(NTD)


Meet the truth: Fact Extraction and Verification for Disinformation

Registration date : 2023/3/17~2023/5/10
Total bonus : $310,000(NTD)

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