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AI CUP 2021
MOE AI competition and labeled data acquisition project 

2021 AI CUP Awards Ceremony

Direction Signs

Traditional Chinese scene text recognition

high-class competition:
Positioning and Recognition of Characters in Complicated Street Scenery

Registration date: 2021/10/27~2021/12/16
Total bonus: $420,000

Text labeling and identification of agricultural articles

Registration date: 2021/09/23~2021/12/03
Total bonus: $250,000

Exploring the Streets

​Traditional Chinese scene text recognition competition

Advanced Summer Competition

Registration Date: 2021/07/28~2021/09/30
Total bonus: $210,000

Bicycle in Asia

​Traditional Chinese scene text recognition competition

Registration Date: 2021/04/14~2021/05/31
Total bonus: $205,000


Medical Spring Competition:

​Decision prediction and risk assessment/medical question and answer

Registration Date: 2021/03/02~2021/05/25
Total bonus: $400,000


Registration date: 2021/01/04~2021/3/23
Total bonus: $250,000

Automatic labeling and application of plant position in full-color image of rice drone

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