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This project [Artificial Intelligence Competition and Annotated Data Collection] is one of the sub-projects of the artificial intelligence technology and applied talent cultivation program initiated by the Ministry of Education. By setting issue of competition, we expect to hold two to three AI competitions each year. Since we cooperate with the school curriculum with semester time, teachers can review students' ability to apply theory to practical problems after one semester. Since the competition materials are closer to the actual situation in life, rather than making simple data for they are not made simple for handling teaching easily. Students need to think more deeply before they can reach the standard. The AI ​​competition will be awarded with prizes and certificates after strict review by the competition review committee to encourage students to participate in training more AI talents.

The focus of this project is "labeling and competition", focusing on topics with clear goals, and training students to solve the problem of clear goals through the precise questions of the competition. Hoping that through the competition, students can develop their experience and ability to solve AI problems, and introduce artificial intelligence technology and concepts into the education system. And when putting into practice fields for practical combat, they can apply what they have learned. At the same time, itinerant courses are held to promote cross-disciplinary students. Hoping that non-undergraduate students can easily understand the field of artificial intelligence, train cross-disciplinary students, and truly implement talent cultivation.

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