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2022 Artificial Intelligence
​    X Cloud Computing Training Camp

Time: July 1, 2011 (Friday)
Venue: Conference Room 2, Human Resources and Social Security Center, Academia Sinica

Complete registration from now on June 17, 2011

Teacher introduction 


Course Topic 1: Implementing Text Analysis with Python
Professor Cai Zonghan's team giving lectures

The artificial intelligence course from shallow to deep, from linear regression to deep learning methods, leads students to realize machine learning and natural language processing step by step. In this course, you will learn the concept of neural network, understand how to build a deep learning model to analyze the sentiment of movie reviews, and implement a relationship reasoning model between two texts.



Course Topic 2: Using Spark Distributed Computing to Accelerate the Analysis Process for Huge Data Processing and Machine Learning
Professor Wang Weiren's team is teaching

Distributed computing in the cloud can be said to be a hot technology, and many large companies are now moving towards the cloud. This course will lead you to understand the most basic concepts and implementations of cloud and distributed systems.



Note: Award certificates will be issued for ranking, excellent, and best authors in the competition



Activity theme

Through two course themes, taught by the team of Professor Cai Zonghan and Wang Weiren respectively, the aim is to train students to implement text analysis in Python, and use Spark distributed computing to accelerate the analysis process, and through three competitions throughout the camp's full-day course. The three competitions consist of two individual field competitions and one integrated field competition to encourage students to integrate the courses.

student experience

Pencil and notepad

My biggest achievement in the camp is the implementation project of this camp: using pytorch to realize artificial intelligence, and I also have a better understanding of the Department of Finance and Engineering



The Ministry of Education subsidizes a series of course plans in the field of artificial intelligence technology and application - data analysis and practice
Directed by:

Ministry of Education

Academia Sinica Human Resources and Social Sciences Center Geographical Information Science Research Center, Artificial Intelligence Society of the Republic of China, National Central University Department of Engineering, AI CUP National College Artificial Intelligence Competition Planning Office of the Ministry of Education

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