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【News】AI CUP's youngest award-winning team broke the record through self-study with enthusiasm

Publish/MOE AI competition and labeled data acquisition project

Interview/Tzong-Han Tsai(AI CUP program host)

Write/Pai-Kuan Chang

"Interested and have the opportunity? Then go ahead and boldly try it!" The youths said so.

AI Cup 2022 has successfully concluded. Have you noticed that among the numerous winning teams, in addition to AI experts from major universities, there was also a "level-up" team of young students who succeeded? Four students from Hsinchu High School - Chen Jing-Pei, Li Xuan-Yi, Fan You-Cheng, and Xie Li-He, won the "Crop Status Survey Image Recognition Competition - Autumn Edition: AI Crop Image Interpretation" award of excellence in AI Cup 2022, becoming the youngest winning team in the history of AI Cup!

How did they manage to defeat many top university teams and even teams of graduate students while bearing the heavy burden of high school studies? The project leader, Tsai Chung-Han, personally interviewed this team that dazzled everyone. Let's explore how these "passionate AI youths" embarked on their level-up journey!

Finding like-minded friends to start the AI competition journey

The team members are currently high school sophomores who, at the invitation of three to five good friends, founded the first AI research group in school. They personally planned and shared their courses and conducted topic-based practice. They took turns being each other's lecturers and teaching assistants, imparting many AI-related knowledge to their junior schoolmates, and gradually accumulating their own technical and discourse abilities. They even began to search for papers to study more advanced AI model knowledge. In the fall of 2022, they happened to see the AI Cup competition news and hoped to make a name for their club and test their learning achievements, so they chose the "Crop Competition" to challenge themselves. "Interested and have the opportunity? Then go ahead and boldly try it!" The youths said so.

Learning programming on their own!

Self-study and passion are the most important foundation The team members all started to learn programming in elementary and middle school, and among them, Li Xuan-Yi and Chen Jing-Pei, who have the "deepest programming experience," began to self-study on their own in elementary school, searching for information on the internet and books. Li Xuan-Yi even said that he simply wanted to use his own strength to complete his own small game at first, but unexpectedly played it all the way to high school. Fan You-Cheng and Xie Li-He started to self-study and research programming design in recent years due to the impact of the epidemic suspension of classes. It turns out that powerful self-learning ability and passion for programming are the key to this winning.

Challenges encountered during the competition process

Compared with college and university participants who have more autonomy, high school students need to cope with tight schedules and exam arrangements, which is a big challenge for them. In the competition process, they had to balance their academic studies and extracurricular activities and were under a lot of pressure. However, they never gave up and remained persistent in their pursuit of their goals. They took advantage of their strengths and worked together, forming a strong team, and finally achieved their goals.

What's next? Will you continue to study AI?

These young AI enthusiasts' level-up journey is truly inspiring. Their passion for programming and self-study has enabled them to achieve remarkable results, demonstrating the unlimited possibilities of youth. Let's learn from them and bravely try new challenges!


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