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2023 AI CUP Autumn Contest

📣 2023 AI CUP Autumn Contest has begun!

The theme of this contest is "Let AI Be The King of Go"

Do you know that Go is the most difficult-to-proficient board game due to its variation? 👑

To help AI keep up with humans😵‍💫,

Google DeepMind dived into "Alpha Go" in 2014 and finally defeated Se-dol Lee two years later.😮

Unlike Western chess and Chinese chess, Go does not employ brute-force or game tree search in conjunction with alpha-beta search to explore possible tree-like structures, as it is impractical. 😢


AlphaGo instead leveraged a strategy network, a value network, and a Monte Carlo tree search (MCTS) to identify move positions.🔍

Furthermore, to enhance AlphaGo's chess prowess 💪🏻,

Google DeepMind employed 'self-play' to reinforce the strategy network, achieving the goal of reinforcement learning.😸

Are you also interested in Google DeepMind's trained models' ability to enable computers to defeat human chess players?🤩

The Go Strength Imitation and Go Style Recognition Competition, organized by the Ministry of Education, has quietly started on September 1st. 🔥

🗣✨ Don't hesitate to sign up now! ✨🗣

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