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⏰2023 AI CUP Autumn Contest Schedule⏰

🔔 The schedule for The Go Skill Imitation and Style Recognition Competition is now available! 🔔


Registration Period 👉 From now until 2023/11/20


📕 Download Training Dataset 📕

1️⃣ From 2023/9/26 (Tue) 11:00 to 2023/11/28 (Tue), teams can download the competition training dataset and train their models.

📗 Download and Practice Public Dataset (for practice only, not included in scoring) 📗

2️⃣ From 2023/10/3 (Tue) 11:00 to 2023/11/28 (Tue), participating teams can download the competition test dataset (Public Dataset) and submit their answers.

💭 During this period, teams can take the Public Testing Dataset score as a reference!

In case of a tie in the Public Score, the ranking will be determined by the order of submission.

📘 Download and Practice Private Dataset (⚠️ included in scoring) 📘

3️⃣ From 2023/11/22 (Wed) 11:00 to 2023/11/28 (Tue), participants must submit their answers for the Private Testing Dataset by 2023/11/28 (Tue) at 23:59:59.

💭 The score for the Private Testing Dataset will not be disclosed during this period. The final score will be based on the highest-scoring submission.

🔸 Submission Limits and Calculation Method 🔸

1. During the submission period, the maximum number of daily submissions is five times. The number of submissions is counted per file. The submission function will not be available from 2023/11/22 (Wed) 00:00 to 10:59:59, and will reopen at 2023/11/22 (Wed) 11:00.

2. If the predictions for Public Dataset and Private Dataset are submitted in the same file, it will be counted as one submission.

3. If the predictions for Public Dataset and Private Dataset are submitted separately, it will be counted as two submissions. Participants must upload files in the specified format within the designated time to avoid upload failures.

🔸 Results Announcement and Final Round Schedule 🔸

1. The Private Leaderboard results will be announced on 2023/11/30 (Thu) 🏆

2. Winning teams must submit model explanation documents, self-made training datasets, and code from 2023/11/30 (Thu) to 2023/12/6 (Tue).

3. The final rankings for this competition will be announced on 2024/1/4 (Thu) at 11:00 AM, with a tentative award ceremony in early 2024 (details will be announced separately).

📖📖 For more details, please visit the competition's official website. 📖📖

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