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📢2023 AI CUP Autumn Contest📢

\ 2023 AI CUP - " E.SUN AI Open Challenge – Credit Card Fraud Detection " is now live! /

When you search your wallet 👝

And discover that your credit card is missing 💸

And you're shocked and afraid 😰

The bank sends you a message about your credit card being used fraudulently ✉️

And intercepts possible credit card misuse 💳

Interested in researching how to detect credit card fraud 🥽

Want to enhance the bank's risk management 📈

The E.SUN AI Open Challenge provides de-identified transaction records 🤝🏼

And final alerts on fraudulent patterns and more data ⚠️

Allowing participants to design algorithms to build models 🧑‍💻

To filter out suspicious transaction activities 🤨

And improve the interception rate for credit card fraud 🤺

Let's work together to contribute to a healthy financial system 💵

Register with just a few clicks 🫵🏼


🖱️ Click here to register 🖱️

✔️ AI CUP Registration System

✔️ T-Brain AI Battle

In addition to the E.SUN AI Open Challenge,

there are also competitions such as

The Go Strength Imitation and Go Style Recognition Competition


Clinical Text Deidentification and Temporal Information Normalization Competition

waiting for your registration 😸.

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